31 January 2015

A Simple Romance by J.H. Knight

 Skip thought he had it all: the fabulous husband, the great apartment, and the teaching job he’d always wanted. Even the cat was perfect. When his partner of eight years decides he wants something else—something that doesn’t involve Skip or the apartment or even the cat—Skip decides it’s time to go home to the other side of the country.

However, Skip’s hometown doesn’t just hold a loving meddling mother but also the memories of his awkward crush on a boy he met his senior year in high school. A boy he humiliated himself in front of just when it looked as if his fantasies might become reality. Finding out Paul Miller is now working at the same high school where Skip has just been hired flips his world upside down. After a heated night together, Skip is happy being friends with benefits. Paul will have to convince him love is worth the risk.
Quite honestly, the title says it all. A Simple Romance is just that, a simple romance, just like the kind I used to read as a girl, albeit this one had a few sex scenes and was between two men, but still – it had all the qualities of a simple, HEA romance.
Burned by his former partner, Skip isn’t sure what to do. Moving back home, next thing he knows he’s working at his old high school and dating a man he knew back in high school – a man he had made a fool of himself in front of. Paul is fun, friendly, and makes sure Skip knows he likes him while hiding the depth of his emotions because he can tell Skip will run for the hills if he knows.
The story is filled with prose so heartfelt we know the two will end up together. Whenever Skip makes a mistake, because the story is from his POV, we know why because we hear his thoughts as to why he pulls back so abruptly. His thoughts also inform us that even if he tries to deny it, he knows he’s hurting Paul.
Their romance is fun and sweet, but I have to say, it isn’t just the main characters that are great – the secondary characters are incredibly memorable. Maggie, Skip’s mother, who has no trouble discussing butt plugs and condoms with her gay son – much to his embarrassment. Skip’s sister, who is forward and really wallops on Skip’s ex for what he did to him. But most of all, I adored Johnny. Johnny is married to Skip’s high school best friend. He has no filter, is straight, but has no trouble teasing and flirting with Skip. He also has no trouble being blunt when Skip screws up.
This was a fantastic read. The erotic scenes were nice and not overdone and once Paul’s and Skip’s relationship had been going for a while, they faded to black which was kind of nice because some stories focus too much on the sex and not enough on the story – A Simple Romance is the exact opposite. It stands firmly on the feet of its storyline and characters. The few sex scenes we got were just nice tastes before the book got back to their romance.
A definite 5 stars for the book and also for the narration. Nic Russo does a spectacular job. He stumbled a bit over the Spanish and his female voices always amuse me, but he is wonderful with our heroes voices and emotions. This audiobook is definitely one I will be listening to again and again.


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