17 January 2015

Ascension by Lorenz Font

 Rohnert comes from a long line of pure-blooded vampires. Quiet and principled, he is known for his combat expertise and is beloved by peers and students alike. Having broken away from the Vampire Council, Rohnert has nothing to do with the affairs of the elite group of Elders, which is being run into the ground by Goran, a former friend and ally.

With the vampire race in upheaval, he must rise to the occasion and fulfill the prophecy of the black book, which is the source of wisdom and history of his people. Refusing to support Goran’s tyrannical rule and with no interest in ruling himself, he allies with freedom fighters led by the indomitable Harrow Gates. However, the prophecies failed to prepare him to handle one passionate and determined human doctor.

Shelly Anderson vowed to never fall in love again, but her resolve quickly changes upon meeting enigmatic and reclusive Rohnert. Although she was lucky enough to get what she wanted, their one night together ended in a nightmare. Now carrying his baby, she intends to raise the child on her own, but Rohnert’s unexpected reentry into her life derails her plans.

While she teaches him how powerful a human’s love can be, Rohnert realizes the lengths he is willing to go to keep her close and safe, even if it means violating a long-standing decree among pure-blooded vampires to keep their bloodlines alive.

When Goran begins to kill off the remaining Elders, Harrow’s rebels urge Rohnert to step in, but it isn’t until harsh reality comes knocking at his door that his choice becomes clear. Rohnert must do whatever he can to save the people he loves or risk losing them forever, but the reluctant savior may already be too late to protect the lives that matter most.
I was honored to beta read for Lorenz on Ascension and the first word that comes to mind when I try to describe this book is breath taking.  The intensity and action that you have come to love in the first two books only gets bigger and better in Ascension.  We finally see what happens to Shelly and Rohnert and if their future will even have a chance to survive.  Lorenz gives us the answers we have been dying for regarding the disease that is invading the vampire community while new characters are introduced to the reader.
Goran has been a huge thorn in the side of the Gates people from book one and we see what his future holds for him.  Will the devastation that he created finally be over for the council and Harrow and crew or is it just beginning a new level of destruction that no one will survive?  All of those questions will be answered in Ascension and trust me it is very difficult for me to not continue on talking about the events. 
Once again Lorenz has proven why this trilogy needs to be a motion picture because that is how it plays out in my mind as I read.  Her use of description and vivid images makes the words dance to life in your mind and you begin to believe you can smell what they smell and feel the touch of each member on your body and soul.  She has the talent to immerse you as the reader into the world of sexy vampires and deprived souls that’s only goal in life is to destroy that which they don’t understand.  With each act of love and goodness you experience the betrayal and darkness of evil. 
Be prepared to have your heart ripped out of your chest and the tissues available because nothing Lorenz writes comes without gritty raw emotions attached.  This is the beauty in her writing when you lose track of reality because you are so absorbed in the story she is telling.  The loyalty of Harrow’s crew is still intact and tested to limits they weren’t even sure existed.  Trying to stay ahead of the darkness can be a cruel job but what happens when that darkness begins to grow in the soul of someone you love?  Is there truly a level of sorrow that love can no longer touch and heal?  You will find out in this book. 
Lorenz Font is a story telling genius, she can take a fictional story and make it become real.  Her need for intensity and drama is evident in everything she touches and she strives to give you an epic ride in her books that you will not soon forget.  I highly recommend the Gates Legacy to everyone, even the readers who are not into vampires such as myself.  She brings the human qualities and angst into the world of vampires and creates a form of magic that can’t be duplicated. 


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