17 January 2015

Thirteen Shades of Red Spotlight!

 It’s been 10 years since Nyx Deveraux had the night of her life with a guy that was elusive as smoke. 10 years since she was rocked, utterly. Every man since then has been lacking, and Nyx has been chasing the devastation she felt since. No one compares to the one night only man that haunts her dreams.

And then she meets Rusty… Formally anyway. She already knows him in the biblical sense.

Declan “Rusty” Rust made a mistake ten years ago, one he’s paid for every day since. Nyx was too much of a sexy obsession, and his pride demanded he take what was destined to be his, first, so that she never forgot him. Now, his punishment is over, and with the opportunity presenting itself to reconnect with the woman he burns for, his plans can finally be put into action.

But Nyx is not the girl she was ten years ago, and what should be an easy seduction turns into an all out fight for their future. A fight that could mean certain destruction for life as they know it.
I haven’t read this series in awhile, but once I started this book I just couldn’t put it down!  One thing that I love about S.A. Price does with their paranormal stories is that it’s not something that you read every day.  Each story has an amazing set of characters who all have their own abilities that just blow me away while reading.

I really loved Rusty’s character in this book just because there was something about him that was so amazing, even though he had the crazy stalker thing going on.  I thought that while we were getting to know him, and learn about his past and what he had been through it was done in a way that wasn’t boring or in a flashback sense.  We were learning about everything while Nyx was.

And Nyx?  I don’t know about her.  She was completely awesome, almost too awesome to a degree.  She was also very open about everything about her, which was a great change from the other books out there where the woman plays hard to get and acts like a complete ditz.  She knew what she wanted and she went for it.  I do think that her and Rusty were a great couple, and everything about the two of them together, even the smutty scenes where were H-A-W-T, was just off the pages amazing.

I did like how we were able to catch up with the other characters in the series in this book as well.  And I really love how while they were there, they didn’t completely overtake the spotlight.

Overall, I am even more in love with the series than before and I can’t wait to read more!
 13 Shades of Red Story 3.5
Determined to take the time before tour slow and easy with friends and family on a routine camping trip, Nyx is not ready for the surprise that waits for her and Declan at the campsite, a surprise that will change their lives together in the shortest amount of time possible

Please Note: this story is an add on to Make Damn Sure. It SHOULD NOT be read alone and should not be read before you read Make Damn Sure.
I feel as though this book can be summed up into one simple sentence:

All Hail King Rick!

With that being said, I do think that this was a great little short that really added more to the relationship between Rusty and Nyx, and of course let us get to know Rick a little bit!  I would say this is more a fun read that people who have read the series would fully understand what is going on, and if you were to read this one first, then it would peak your interest into the other books in the series.
 New album, new tour, new relationships.

With their new album done a tour on the horizon Thirteen Shades of Red has one last thing to do before it all starts: filming their new music video. Their record company pulls out all the stops for this one, including hiring on rising starlet Misery Chastain. And she’s single, a fact that has not escaped Shade’s guitarist Tosh Tillman.

Poised to be a leader in his shifter clan, Tosh is expected to take a mate and settle down. Those plans don’t fit with those of his family by choice and their bid for stardom. The one thing he is sure of is his interest in Misery. The woman is every fantasy he has ever had made flesh and he is determined to be the one to work with her for the video.

And Misery has her sights set on Tosh as well. A woman with a hidden past, she’s got secrets she’s dying to tell the only man that makes her blood pump hot… secrets that could destroy a burgeoning relationship, or bring it closer together.

When the object of Tosh’s lust wakes his beast, it seals their collective fate. He wasn’t looking for a mate, but it seems one found him. Too bad Misery is human… or is she?

Caught between the worlds of music, Hollywood, clans and courts, two people will have to learn how to be together and still be part of their own worlds.

Warning: This book contains a sexy shifter who is really good with his hands, a leading lady with a girlfriend and some supporting characters that could possibly steal the book. It is not intended for anyone under 18, as there are sexual situations and a veritable cornucopia of sailor talk. Reader discretion is advised.
Once again I’m completely blown away by the totally not predictable paranormal aspects that S.A. Price includes in their stories!  I started this book thinking one thing and was thrown so left field, that I had to use the book to bring me back so that I knew where I was.  (And that’s a totally great thing btw.)
I do want to mention that even though I have the F/F disclaimer with this review, and there is some of that in here, it is not in any way graphic or crude.  Which was something I was very pleased with because the scenes that were added, they were done so in a way that it added to the story.  It wasn’t just done for the shock factor.  And another thing about the sex, I have to admit I had my fears when certain things were mentioned because they could have been taken to a completely different level, but thankfully S.A. Price did not take them to that point.
After reading Make Damn Sure, I wanted his story so much just because it was so easy to connect with him in that book, I just had to know more about him.  So once I started this book, I was crazy excited and once again could not put it down.  I thought that he was written very well because it showed that there was more to him that meets the eye.  And I loved that we got to get to know all of him, and all of his sides as well.
Misery’s character was one that I was unsure about in the beginning, just because I had my hopes set on another when it came to Tosh.  But then as the story progressed, I thought that Misery ended up working out really well for him and it was fun watching the two of the together.
And again, it was great to catch up with the other characters of the series, and to actually “meet” some new ones.  I know that after reading this book there are 2 more books lined up for me to read next just because they were so interesting and I just want to know more about them.
Overall, I would say if you enjoy completely different paranormal stories, than you should be sure to check this series out because it will keep you on your toes the whole time!


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