28 January 2015

Electricity Sparks Inside of Me by C.J. Elliott

 Jack Grady left small town Arkansas behind to start a new life in the big city of Washington, DC, and he’s encouraged when he meets Evan Roderick. Though the attraction is instant, Jack has to leave without getting Evan’s number. Imagine Jack’s surprise when on his first day as a private school’s orchestra teacher, he finds that Evan is a teacher there too.

After a few awkward encounters, they decide not to pursue more—despite their mutual attraction—and a protested school production of Rent only feeds Jack’s fear of homophobia. He faces a host of challenges: the demands of his new job, coming to terms with his sexuality and coming out to his family, and supporting his emotionally fragile sister will all vie with his growing love for Evan as Jack tries to decide what kind of life he wants to live.
This is a sweet story about Jack, a newly graduated college student starting his first teaching job in Washington D.C. and Evan and openly gay teacher at the same school.
Jack is from a small town outside of Little Rock, AR lived with a deeply religious family in the middle of the Bible belt his whole life. Although he’s known and had a male friend with beneficent all through college, he has not come to terms with being gay and has not discussed it with his friends or family.  Jack gets a job in Washington D.C. and decides to go to he’s first gay bar. This is where he first meets Evan. Evan see’s Jack, buys him a drink and asks to dance. During the dance Jack gets a call and excuses himself. When he comes back in he finds Evan has already moved on. Jack feels par for the course and also moves on.
Move to the first day of school, Jack walks into the teachers’ lounge and finds Evan.  Evan is polite but cold, and Jack figures that’s Ok, because he is still dealing with he’s own personal demons. As time goes by Evan and Jack work out there issues and become friends and then lovers.  Evan is putting on a school play that is causing an issue with the School board and the trustees.  Jack decides to help even though this means it will out himself.
Overall this is a sweet story about two MC one that has lived his whole life in the Bible belt and had to deal with negativity that LGBT gets knowing he is one. And the other who on the outside is a fun carefree openly gay man, but is really pretty insecure as well. They have a sweet connection that you can feel through the pages. My two main issues/questions is - I’m not understanding the sister drama? Not sure why we had it, except it gave Jack and Evan a time to be in the house at the same time which gave Jack the opportunity to come out to his parents. Why Jack’s band, how did they end of in D.C.?  This doesn’t feel like a series book. So you are just left hanging.  


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