15 February 2015

Dead Things by Meredith Russell

 Devin never thought he could find hope or love among the ruins of a broken world. Not until he found Noah.

When Devin Reid returned home from his final tour in Afghanistan he thought he’d seen the worst of what people could do to other people. It turned out he was wrong.

The life Devin knew is gone. A deadly virus has infected the world’s population, leaving in its wake two types of people—survivors and monsters. Devin is a survivor, a man almost as broken as the world he struggles to survive in. Devin is part of a group who have found refuge in a high security penitentiary in Kansas State. Resources for the group are limited, but outside the safety of the prison walls, the newly-made undead monsters are hungry and hunting. It's down to a handful of people like Devin to risk their lives scavenging the cities and highways to meet the demands on food and supplies.

On one fateful venture, Devin finds someone with the potential to change a dark future, destined for blood and heartbreak, into one of hope and second chances. He finds Noah Weber.

Together, Devin and Noah work to keep the monsters at bay, but do they have the strength to overcome the hurt and loss they’ve both suffered in the fight for survival? And find love in this harsh, unloving world?
This is a story about Devin, a guy who comes home to Kansas after his last tour in the Middle East to find that what he went through over there would be nothing compared to what he’s about to go through.  And Noah, a guy that seems to be immune to the virus that has infected the world and that is turning everyone into zombies.

We are dropped in the middle of the apocalypse, so we are unclear on how the virus happened, who is left or how Devin and his sister ended up at the Kansas correctional facility. But what we do know is there are pocket cell of survivors and we still have commutations between the cells.  Devin is sent out on missions to gather food and supplies and during one of these he rescues Noah, another survivor. And one that Devin can’t stop thinking about. The intense scenes between the humans and zombies, the love, loss and guilt that are felt between the people left, the friction between the leader and Devin. Who knew, I was hooked and read all 164 pages in one sitting! 


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