23 February 2015

Rainbow Hill by Alex Carreras

 When Ethan Stokes returns to his family’s farm after his mother’s death, he didn’t expect the obligatory weekend visit to turn into a project that would take the entire summer to complete. He also didn’t expect to be living with Quinn Kincade, the man who Ethan shared his first kiss with back in high school. But if Ethan remembered correctly, wasn’t Quinn… straight?

Between milking cows, renovating barns, and dealing with aging fathers with strong opinions, the two men try to maneuver the best they know how, both looking for their happily ever after atop Rainbow Hill.
We start this story with one of the MC, Ethan being called home to the family farm and not really knowing why. Once he arrives he quickly realizes that what he assumes is completely wrong and in fact his old high school crush, Quinn is living in his old bed room. And that Quinn, the two fathers have decided to convert the farm into a LGBT friendly getaway. Being in between jobs and possibly boyfriends Ethan agrees. But one simple idea turns out to be a lot more complicated.

So this is a fun, light hearted but with little depth read. The two main MC’s are cute together, and the best girlfriend is just sassy enough. And of course the ex-boyfriend is just arrogant enough. All to make a sweet read for a cold winter’s day.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a nice review. Glad I kept you warm. Yours, Alex Carreras.