23 February 2015

The Oracle's Golem (The Oracle #3) by Mell Eight

 Golem has never known anything but pain. He exists solely to serve the Oracle's whims and needs. Determined to escape a life of abuse and servitude, he runs away and finds refuge in a cave.

Then one day a child falls asleep in his lap …

Marl isn't anyone special. He's low in the Earth Caste, set to watch over the Caste's problem child, Lichen. In search of the errant Lichen one day, he unexpectedly comes across Golem hiding deep in the mountains. Even more surprising is the reason that Golem is hiding, a reason that forces Marl to make a choice: Oracle or Golem
I’ve read the other books in this series and enjoyed them because of how different they are.  But with this one, I completely loved it. 

I thought that the author did a great job with Golem’s character because I was actually able to feel his pain and suffering.  And then, his happiness.  It is very rare for me to be able to connect with a character on that level, but with him it was so easy too.

Marl is a great character as well with his soft-spoken nature and his true love for the Earth.  I couldn’t help but root for him while I was reading because of the way he was being treated.  And of course, Lichen added his amount of cuteness to the story that helped to lighten up the serious times of the book.

With how short this story was, the author was able to pack a huge punch into it.  There was drama, action, love, romance, friendship, heartache, and everything else that you could want.  But it wasn’t done in a way that it felt like I was overloaded with information.

I completely loved this book and I can’t wait to read more into the series in the future!


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