01 March 2015

A Holiday Duet: Christmas in Corbin's Bend by Thianna D.

The holiday season is celebrated in many ways. In this Holiday Duet from Corbin’s Bend creator Thianna D., you get two celebrations in one. Benjamin, Jonathon, and Cory are good friends and this holiday season, they receive their own unique gifts.

Cory’s girlfriend Kenzie comes up for the weekend and finally he can show the girl he loves everything Corbin’s Bend has to offer in A Holiday Beginning. In You’ve Been Gifted, Jonathon—overcome with stress—receives an unexpected gift from a Secret Santa and it turns the worst day of the year into possibly the best. Especially when Benjamin sees it.

Join Cory, Kenzie, Jonathon, and Benjamin for a fun, loving, and exceptional holiday. For while the Corbin’s Bend orchestra is mostly heard during the spring and summer, these two couples manage to create a holiday duet of their own.
A Holiday Beginning

A Holiday Beginning was such a treat. It was purely coincidence that I read You’ve Been Gifted first, so I had just “met” Cory and Kenzie during their dinner with Benjamin and Jonathan. So not only did I get to spend a little more time with my favorite Corbin’s Bend couple, I also got to see what happened in the living room after Jonathon was relegated to the bedroom in You’ve Been Gifted. As mortified as Jonathon was about the incident and how seeing it would affect Kenzie, it may have been the best thing she could have seen. Even though Cory and Kenzie have been dating for three months and they have discussed spanking as something they would both like to explore, they haven’t actually had sex. With Cory’s parents going away for the weekend, the young couple have the house to themselves (and yes, Cory’s parents know) and they intend to find out if they’re sexually compatible and if Kenzie finds spanking as enjoyable in reality as it is in theory.

I loved that Cory was nervous about Kenzie’s reaction to spanking. Growing up with parents involved in a Domestic Discipline relationship, he knows it is the kind of relationship he wants with his wife so the idea that Kenzie might not enjoy being spanked concerns him because he really likes her and wants her to be a part of his life. I loved that the sex scenes were not only hot, but also realistic as Cory fumbled a bit trying to find a rhythm as he thrust and spanked. As much as Kenzie enjoyed the erotic spankings that Cory gave her over the course of the weekend, I do believe it was witnessing the loving care with which Benjamin treated Jonathon when he exercised his role as HoH that really opened her up to a DD relationship. Because this is a novella, we don’t delve deep into Kenzie’s background, but we get enough information to know that she did not have a happy childhood and the idea of having someone take care of her like Benjamin took care of Jonathon is very appealing to her. That that someone could be Cory thrills her. A Holiday Beginning is a very sweet and very sexy story about a young couple just starting out and I hope that it really is just the beginning and that we get to see more of Cory and Kenzie when she becomes a Corbin’s Bend resident.
You’ve Been Gifted

I want to start by thanking Thianna D. for this glimpse into Jonathon and Benjamin’s life. I have adored Jonathon from the very beginning and have been waiting – kind of patiently – for his book. It’s a wonder authors have Facebook pages with the way some of us readers stalk them and demand beg for stories… lol. Although You’ve Been Gifted is not the four-course meal I’ve been waiting for, it makes for a perfect little appetizer to tie me over. I enjoyed learning more about Jonathon and finally meeting Benjamin. Jonathon is such an endearing character that everyone in Corbin’s Bend seems to love – and they should. So it was nice to see that Benjamin was everything in an HoH and loving partner that Jonathon deserved. Not that I suspect the other residents of Corbin’s Bend would allow Jonathon to be with someone who abused him – which I was SHOCKED to learn had happened to him in the past. As for the actual crux of the story, Corbin’s Bend’s Naughty Santa was a perfect vehicle for introducing us to the couple and providing readers some steamy reindeer games. I loved You’ve Been Gifted and know that I will definitely be rereading it whenever I need a Jonathon fix.
Thianna D. likes to say she’s eclectic, fun, and just a bit naughty. She writes romance with both M/F and M/M main characters. No matter what she writes, all the hot scenes support the story instead of the other way around.
She’s also the creator of and acquisition editor for the Corbin’s Bend spanking romance series. Who else wants to be safe, secure, and spanked in Colorado?
Also writes under the name Thianna Durston.


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