06 March 2015

Love Lies Bleeding by Remmy Duchene

 When literature professor Anderson Williams arrives late to a father/son date to find his father dead, his world collapses around him. Now, not only is he mourning his father, but he’s scared for his life while trying to make sure his father’s face doesn’t become one of the thousands of cold cases in some dusty room. Then he meets NYPD officer, Leo Sung Kim, and he isn’t prepared for his body’s reaction to the cop.

Leo Sung Kim’s seen horrible things as a cop. But the latest serial killer is worse than anything he’s encountered. To make things worse, he’s instantly in lust with Anderson which makes staying professional almost impossible.

Even as Leo fights his emotions, the killer gets bolder. When the smoke clears, Leo could not only lose his heart but his life.
Anderson is a college prof. and is running late for dinner with his dad, a Judge that everybody knows and loves. When he gets to the house he finds the door open and his dad murdered. Leo, a detective that has been assigned to the case, is one of the boys that the Judge helped put back on the right path many years ago and has managed to keep in contact with. While trying to solve the case, Anderson and Leo become closer but will this new friendship give the murder one more target?

This action packed story starts with a murder and keeps you guess on the, who done it, all the way until the end. The chemistry between Leo and Anderson is great, and Anderson best friend is a perfect complement.   My only question was if, Leo was such a major part of the Judges life, then how did Anderson not know about him? I know they said the name sounds familiar, but? Couple of others small things just niggled at me that stop me from making this a 5 as well. But a great none stop read from cover to cover and I will be looking up this author again.


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