06 March 2015

Playing Hard to Forget by Piper Doone

 Ethan Robertson never asked to be the latest in a long line of werewolf hunters, but the war between his family and the werewolf Kinnairds has raged on for a millennium, and he is expected to fight like all the Robertsons before him. But then he meets Liam Kinnaird, a gorgeous, mysterious werewolf Ethan falls hard for. Despite the danger, they carry on a torrid affair until a terrible explosion destroys everything, including Liam and Ethan's memories of their time together.

Twenty years later, Ethan is embroiled in battle once again and catches a glimpse of Liam. It triggers intense, erotic dreams that Ethan thinks might not be dreams at all. But he's never been anything but enemies with Kinnairds. He's certainly never been in love with one. Or has he?
We have Ethan, a young college kid that has been born into a hunter family. His father, Charlie is a leader and teaching his children the family ways of killing and hating wolf shifters. His much younger sister, Fiona acts like she doesn’t like it, but you quickly find out she is following in her dad’s footsteps. Ethan on the other hand doesn’t agree and feels that this feud has gone on long enough. Liam is a shifter and also agrees with Ethan. They quickly fall into a private love affair that Fiona finds out about. Once the punishments are handed out can Ethan and Liam overcome the family’s divides?

This book started out with such great promise. Young love, wrong sides fighting for what’s right. I enjoyed these two, Liam and Ethan sneaking around talking, fighting for the greater good. But then we get this twenty plus year gap in which Ethan starts fighting again, even though he doesn’t agree. Gets hurt in a bomb blast, becomes straight? Gets married has kids forgets about Liam, and lets his much younger sister manipulate his life and the lives around him for the worse. All the while Liam keeps his promise to stay away. But then shows up, and now Ethan develops a back bone? Just didn’t work for me.


  1. Did you even read this book? I've just finished reading it and there was magic involved to make them forget each other. Your review is...not very accurate.

  2. We stand behind our reviewers, we are an honest review site. Please keep in mind that 3 different people can read the same book and have completely different opinions on it.