15 March 2015

The Diary by R.M. Jane

 John Bridly has been enamored with Paul Duvant, son a of a rich American merchant, since the moment he laid eyes on him. But though the love proves mutual, John is a marquess, second son of a duke, and as such has a duty to his family.

When Paul has to return to his homeland, John’s duty forbids him from following Paul, and the lovers part ways. One year later, John finds a mysterious diary, dated from the last century…
Did you ever have dreams growing up (or maybe even now) of falling in love with a man in a station far above your own and having it be the love of your life? Welcome to The Diary. Paul is scrappy. He learned to stay alive by the force of his own blows. Born to a whore who tried to use him to get herself some more money, she dumped him on the streets when his wealthy biological father wanted nothing to do with him. John is the second son of a duke. Ignored and barely even noticed, his life’s ambition is to hear his father say something good to him. When Paul’s father takes him in for no other reason than he needed a male heir to take care of his daughters, their futures are set to intermix.

The bulk of the book takes place in British secondary school where the two boys meet. They ride out a rocky time and once they become friends it doesn’t take long before more occurs. Their love keeps Paul in England attending Oxford even though high society wants nothing to do with him. For John, he can overlook that. This book has only suggestion of sexual congruence, nothing in your face, and quite honestly, it doesn’t need it. The Diary is about two men fated to love one another and be ripped apart purely because one is a lowly commoner and the other a marquess.

I won’t give away the ending, but I must say I would have expected the actual diary that brought about the last third of the book to take more center stage than it did. Why John didn’t tell Paul about it? I guess we’ll never know.

This is a story well worth reading. I will definitely be reading it again and be looking for more from R.M. Jane.


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