21 March 2015

To Be Human (To Be Human #1) by Pearl Love

TM 05637 was created to be a killer. Genetically engineered for superiority, he was facing a life of missions, blood, and death until his creator decides to set him free. On the run from those holding his leash, he is found by David Conley, an ordinary store owner who stumbles upon a remarkable find. Renaming himself “Tim,” TM 05637 sets out to discover what it means to have a normal life.

Through his friendships with a young boy dealing with a nightmarish family life, and David’s mother, who decides Tim is perfect for her son, Tim slowly discovers his humanity. Even more importantly, David teaches Tim about the power of love. But General Woodard, leader of the project that created Tim, threatens their happiness with his determination to bring his evasive quarry permanently to heel.

As the search net closes ever tighter around him, Tim must find a way to thwart his pursuers so he can stay with David and live out his dream.
D’oh, I loved this! Just go buy it. Seriously. This tells the story of a genetically engineered human created to be a killer. TM 05637 changes his name to ‘Tim’ when his creator sets him free to save him from the horrors of what he would undoubtedly face. While eluding his previous captors, he runs into David who’s a regular guy, owns a store, lives a normal life. Tim is desperate for that same type of life. Could he also share it with David?

During the set up for this I couldn’t help but draw comparison to the eighties film, ‘Short Circuit’. That one had a tension filled ending when the military baddies were trying to kill Number 5 the robot who’s become self-aware. With that in mind, I had a sense of where this story might be going. There was a lot of nail biting for me at the end to be sure – and yes – there is a cliffhanger!

However, before all of that is an amazingly well written story filled with gentle touches and raw emotion. The developing love story between Tim and David is told with finesses and is a slow, sweet burn. I absolutely adored it. The supporting characters and subplot were all worth the read too. I had a strong sense of the character’s motivations and I believed their actions and reactions. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one – Ms. Love had better be writing it right now (or better yet, it’s due out any minute). You won’t be sorry you took the time to read this wonderful story. I give To Be Human 5 Stars.


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