22 March 2015

Natural Instincts by M. Raiya

Most people would consider near perfect recall, an ability to crunch numbers that rivals a computer's, and an uncanny knack for predicting the stock market to be remarkable gifts. But for Kyle, those abilities also curse him to recall every moment of his horrible, abusive past. Searching for an escape, he takes his therapist’s advice and leaves his finance job behind for a weeklong camping trip on a remote lake in Vermont. He’s not sure how a week in seclusion with nothing but his own thoughts for company will be the reprieve he needs. Then he stumbles across a man engaged in a pagan ritual and is drawn into mysteries he never dreamed existed, and realizes nature is more distracting than he thought.
Kyle, is on his way to a camping vacation, one that he’s pretty sure he should never have taken but then his whole life previous is just one mistake or tragedy in a long line. As his car bump and climbs along a road that shouldn’t be called a road and midnight crawls closer and closer all he wants to do is go to sleep and start again, again.  Then all the sudden he spots a man standing on a picnic table, naked, a flash of light and the man is gone.  Jon can’t believe after all these years he finally found The One. The problem is can Jon bring Kyle into his world? And can Kyle learn to trust, love after all that has happened?

It always amazes me how authors can pack such emotion and story into such few pages. When you first start to understand about the Loon and Jon you think duck shifter, really? However, I least felt even though, I went to duck shifter, it left wrong, even in the beginning it felt deeper, a different storyline. And this is so much more but you don’t get the whole explanation until the last few pages. Kyle has been through some horrific things all throughout his life, and because of the last one he no longer speaks.  You really do feel empathy for the guy, and think well shit, neither would I. And then Jon and his brother making the sacrifices they did to save the world.  The connection that Jon and Kyle make, the way Jon is patient with Kyle being moot. And the total trust Kyle has with Jon and allowing him to tie him up, even though we can still see the scars, just a beautiful story.


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