22 March 2015

Virgin for the Night (For the Night #2) by C.J. Fallowfield

My name is Logan Steele. I’m devilishly handsome, seriously ripped, well hung, charismatic and highly sexed. Women just can’t resist me. So when I lost my job in the construction industry and was struggling for cash, I decided to put my assets to good use.

By day I’m a private personal fitness trainer. By night I’m a high class escort.

Tell me your fantasy, I’ll fulfil it ~ So, who do you want me to be?”

Virgin for the Night

My next client is aspiring actress Summer Beresford, whose brief for the evening is that she wants to be treated as if she’s a virgin, to be seduced and wooed. I’d already felt conflicted when I’d received her booking form detailing her scenario, as a rule I didn’t do tender gentle love making, women booked me because of my reputation for fucking, hard. To compound my dilemma, I couldn’t stop looking at her damn photograph and had even used an image of her in my mind to get hard and come with another client. Not only was that highly unprofessional of me, it was potentially hazardous to my reputation in case I groaned the wrong woman’s name. I was already treading that very fine line between professional and personal. Before I’d even met the damn woman she had me breaking one of my cardinal rules, Never fall for one of your clients. The more I looked at her photo though, the more I wanted her.

Summer Beresford, I’m about to woo your arse off and have my own virginal experience, making love for the first time.
Having enjoyed Strangers for the Night, I jumped at the chance to review Virgin for the Night and Ms. Fallowfield did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed this installment even better than the first one. Despite his job as a high-class escort, Logan comes off as a seemingly nice guy. I felt like we got to see Logan’s character developed more during his evening with Summer and I honestly felt bad for the guy. He’s finally met a woman that he’s actually drawn to but she’s a client and because he doesn’t think a woman could get past his profession, even after he stops, he feels at a loss emotionally.

The connection he feels with Summer does not impede his ability to give her the evening she paid for. If anything, it may have actually made him “perform” even better since there was no acting on his part because he got to enjoy an evening with someone he wanted to spend time with. And because the connection was genuine, the sex was even hotter this time around – Logan not only brought the hard and heavy, but he also brought the sweet and gentle. I really liked seeing Logan’s sensitive side, even if it made me hurt for him when he took Summer home the next day.

I’m honestly not sure if I’d like to see Summer make a reappearance in the series. While I’d love to see Logan get his happy ending, I have enjoyed reading about his escapades so far and look forward to more of them. I guess it’s not really an “if” situation as much as a “when” situation because I do to see Logan happy…after many more evenings that is. As there are several more installments in the series, it looks like I will get my wish for now. I’m excited that I’ve already got Filthy for the Night on my Kindle, ready to be read in a couple of days, and am looking forward to getting to know Logan even better.

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  1. Great review thank you Angela! The series actually concludes with an extra length novella, Actor for the Night which follows Dominant for the Night. CJ 😀