21 April 2015

One Night in Madrid by JD Martins

 Danny left Dublin for Madrid two years ago, but still scans the crowd in the Irish pubs for the face of someone from home. Though doubtful he'll ever recognise anybody, one evening he sees Aisling, a girl he'd known - or wished he'd known - at university. Beautiful but haughty, she'd always ignored Danny, and though he'd fantasised about making love to her, she'd never so much as smiled at him.

To his amazement, Aisling is extremely friendly when she meets him all these years later and away from home. She is still snobby and condescending, but Danny decides to make her night as enjoyable as he can, hoping for one last chance to impress her and make his teenage fantasies come true. As the sultry Madrid night progresses, mere lust grows into affection, and Danny begins to see her snobbery as something else entirely. Will Aisling see Danny as more than just a way to pass her night in Madrid?

10% of the author's royalties will be donated to WWF, the World Wildlife Fund.
This is a short story that is definitely hot and steamy.  Danny moved to Madrid from Dublin a couple of years ago.  When he meets up with a face from home, the beautiful Aisling, he is reminded why he fantasized about her all those years ago.  He always wanted her, but she never gave him the time of day.  Truth be told, she’s a bit full of herself, and not very friendly.  Danny takes one last shot at making all his fantasies come true when he meets up with her again.  He’s determined to make her notice him.  Will he succeed?

For a short story, this was definitely a hot one.  My only complaint is that the dream/fantasy sequences seemed to interrupt the story a lot.  I found myself getting frustrated because I felt like just when the story was going to go somewhere, there was a fantasy sequence.  What I’m saying is that sometimes the sex detracted from the actual story and while I’m a fan of the sex scene, I still found them distracting.

What I did like about this book was the characters.  For a short story I really became interested in them and the story, and I liked the ending too.  I thought as far as substance went, the ending was the best part.

Overall, I did like this story but I feel it would have been better if it had been a longer story with more information about the characters.  I just wish there had been more! 4 stars.


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