21 April 2015

Snap Decision (Delarosa Secrets #2) by T.A. Chase

 Sometimes the only way to do your job—and discover love—is to trust your instincts.
D’Marcus ‘Snap’ Jefferson is a DEA agent who has worked hard to keep drugs from hitting the streets of Houston. So when Kenneth Santos walks in, claiming to have information about an upcoming drug shipment, Snap must make the choice whether to trust the stranger or not.

Kenneth Santos is a recovering addict and ex-con trying to clean up his act. Some mysterious informant has chosen him to act as the go-between with Agent Jefferson. It’s a precarious line Ken must walk because his life could be in danger if the cartels discover he’s working with Snap and the DEA.

Neither man expects to fall in love while playing such a dangerous game. Yet Snap always trusts his gut and it’s telling him that loving Ken could be the best decision he ever made.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of torture.
This is the second book in the series, it can be read as standalone but I would read in order to really understand the dynamics between all the characters.

I just love this series, the easy banter between all the characters, the good verse evil.  It all just works. This one, you really feel for the Ken, he knows he’s screwed up most of his life and he knows this one thing he is doing will probably get him killed but if he can redeem just a little, he’s willing to try. And Snap, wants to over look all Ken’s faults, but will put the job first. The fast paced storyline, then the secondary one and the way they connect. All make for a book that you don’t want to put down.    


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