11 April 2015

Royal Mates: Love's Diamond 1 & 2 by Lyssa Samuels

 Merek Sorenson is a king with a problem. His world is in unrest, and the Legari warriors are hunting him and his brothers for extermination.

Vance Morrow is a mechanic who spends his Saturdays with his buddies playing baseball. Meeting Merek has raised hope within his heart. He feels an incredible pull to the loving man who has brought kindness, happiness, and downright need back into his life.

Merek has waited for his aheri, his destined mate, his entire life. The love Merek has for Vance is soul deep. He knows he must reveal who he is and the danger that follows him. He prays Vance will want to bond with him and will be open to the fact that the men of Merek’s world can become pregnant. He aches to hold Vance in his arms forever, bring him home to rule beside him on Sanzel, and create children with him that they can nurture and love.
This story was one that caught me completely off guard with how much I loved the story.  For me to cry while reading a book, shows a lot of how great of a story it is.  And trust me, I cried like a baby in this story.

Not bad crying, but good crying. The type of crying that a person has when they are sooooo happy and pleased, which was totally the case with this story. I thought that the characters that Ms. Samuels created were so well thought out, and so individual, I just couldn’t get enough of them.

And it wasn’t even the main characters, but also the secondary characters as well.  They were all so amazing and Ms. Samuels leaves you enough hints as to what to expect in the future books.

Overall, I think that this was a great start to a new series, and I can’t wait to start the next book and find out what happens there!
This book has several characters that all play an important role by the two main MC’s are Merek, King of Sanzel, who has come to earth with his brothers to find their mates. And Vance, a mechanic that has lived in the same small town his whole like, just waiting for the right man to come into his life to love him as much as he knows he wants and deserves.  Every Saturday Vance and his best friends play baseball and for the last few weeks he has noticed a very handsome guy watching him. Finally this guy starts wondering past the auto shop and they start a conversation. Slowly, Merek starts wooing Vance in a way that Vance has never been treated before. But can this be real? Can Vance really believe? And can Merek trust his aheri, to listen, love and want the same things that he wants?

This is my first time reading this author and WOW was I hooked. The old world charm that Merek pulls out to woo Vance swoon, brining him food, drink at work so he will stay nourished. The undying faith that Vance has to have not only to believe in Merek, but to believe in himself, that he deserves this chance at happiness, finally. The chemistry between these two, you can feel coming off the pages.  The way Vance automatically wants to protect Merek even without understanding way. All makes for an amazing read. Jumping into book 2.
Prince Magnus Sorenson is a warrior who is used to the isolated life of a soldier. He is responsible for the safety of his royal family and their subjects and is haunted by his failure to protect his parents. Magnus never expected to find his aheri—his beloved mate. He didn’t deserve him.

Archer Stockton is a humble carpenter who plays baseball with his buddies on the weekends. Archie is a gentle giant with a pure heart who was beaten by his father for being gay, causing him to have to learn to talk, read, and walk again. He knew he wasn’t much of a catch. Mag deserved better.

Magnus knows Archer is perfect for him. Archer brings love and gentleness into his life. Miraculously, Archer can see through the glamour of Mag’s world. He also sees the beauty of their future and the babies they will have together. Magnus is a soldier who is afraid. Afraid to hope.


Archie.  Sweet amazing Archie.  If I had to say one reason, and only one reason to read this book, I would say that it has to be because of Archie.  That man is everything that a person hopes for in a partner, and in a friend.

This book was so packed with emotion, and love that I just couldn’t get enough of it.  This book has become one of my favorite books that I have read so far this year, and it will take a lot to top this book because of the emotions that Ms. Samuels was able to pack into the story, and the love as well, it was just great.

I did like that we were still able to catch up with Merek and Vance as well in this book.  Their story didn’t overtake the story between Archie and Magnus by any means, but it was nice to find out what they were up too.

Overall, this is another great book in this series and I just can’t wait to start reading book 3! 
This is the second in the series, and should be read in order.

Prince Magnus is a warrior, the best and although he was also sent to Earth he knows he will not find he’s mate and he doesn’t deserve to even if he does. Being a soldier, he has done some things that are unforgivable and feels that no mate should be saddled with someone as unwanted or as undesirable as himself. Archer, Archie, is a simple man. At a young age he came out to his father and that man beat him it an inch of his life. That beating left Archie, with brain damage with makes him learn a little slower, forget things but also makes him very sensitive to himself and the world around him. A big man by nature and carpenter by trade he is a big man, so has found men like the size but that’s all, no one wants to bother with slow, dumb, jock. This has lead him to turn into himself and his friends for company and stay away from intimate relationships.  Until he meets Magnus, One look and he knows that Magnus is his. Know he just has to convince the name he is worthily or is he convincing himself?

I think I’m still crying this book should be sold with virtual tissues. Archie is an amazing character. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a MC that has affected me that way. If I could find his hatful father, I would also… well anyway. And Magnus such guilt, such pain, the way these two heal each other and the people around them. The way these two just complement each other, and the way that everyone around Archie just falls under his spell. I know I sure did.

 It’s a great second in what appears is going to be a magical series.


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