20 April 2015

Royal Mates: Love's Diamond #3 & 4 by Lyssa Samuels

Bryce St. John is a shy man—a geek who lives in his world of computers. After surviving a date attack, he is afraid to trust and is afraid of intimacy. He refuses to risk his heart or his safety by choosing the wrong man again.

Prince Daxton Sorenson is a soldier assigned to protect and learn from the powerful royal seer Mohar from the time he was a young man. Seeing Bryce on the baseball field, he realizes he has found his aheri. When Bryce panics and flees, Daxton is heartbroken.

Daxton is patient and loving, and Bryce soon finds himself completely smitten. When Mohar arrives to take Daxton back to Sanzel, Dax is injured. Bryce has had enough. He is one seriously pissed off mate who will do what he must to find and protect his man. He is not about to give up on the loving future and the houseful of babies that Dax has promised him.
This is the third book in the series, and like the rest I would suggest reading in order.

Disclaimer – this book starts out with one of the main MC being attacked. Although the attack is stopped, I felt like I should warn people.

We’ve meet Bryce in the other books but we never really got the whole story, Bryce was a shy man by nature and after his attack retreated further into his shell. Feeling more comfortable with his computers than in crowds so when he noticed a large handsome man staring at him during a softball game he freaks, no idea what to do with the feeling swirling inside his head or heart. Daxton has never felt as he belonged, like his brothers. He’s magic never strong enough, always needing an extra help from his mentor, Mohar. Little did Daxton know that Mohar was abusing that power? Bryce finally found the courage to believe in himself and Daxton only to have it ripped away. Can he be strong enough for the both of them?

*have tissue’s ready* WOW, Bryce, WOW Daxton! Those two together, the way Bryce just wants to protect Daxton from anyone and anything, it’s magical. Especially after what’s he has been through?  And the way Daxton, just simply love and adores Bryce. Will give him anything, will let him have anything. You can see the love in each other’s eyes coming right off the pages. The way Bryce just jumps in to help save the children. The way he never backs down. And the Daxton grows because of it. 
Roger Newcomb has had his fill of men who don’t want a committed relationship. He wants one man to love and have a family with. It seems that he is alone in his quest for true love.

Prince Kendrick Sorenson knew that Roger was his aheri from the moment their eyes met and their souls connected. Roger is the perfect mate for him. But Kendrick is a broken man who cannot give Roger the future he deserves or the family he desires.

Spending time with Kendrick has torn down all of Roger’s barriers. He knows nothing about Kendrick’s royal lineage or that the men of Sanzel can have babies. All he knows is, this strong soldier belongs to him. Kendrick insists that there will be no kids in their future and leaves, making Roger decide to move on to a new life in Colorado. It will take more than magic to make things right. It will take a miracle.
This is book 4 in the series, and just like the rest I would suggest you read in order.

Roger is the oldest of the friends, he’s the one that found and helped most all of them through their hard home lives. But lately, watching those children/friends find their loves and husbands and just hit home the fact that he’s not getting any younger and although he has tried he has yet to find ‘the one’. Kendrick has been watching his mate, his aheri and has decided to make his move. He feels like something has happened and he needs to comfort him.  Even though he always felt he would never get one, or if he did he would be disappoint to his, because he is broken.  But that magical pull, he can’t ignore.  Roger finally believes maybe just maybe he found his match, his mate. Until one day, he just disappears. Can Roger forgive? Can Kendrick see past his broke side and learn to trust? To see he is worthy?

*Tissues, lots of tissues* buy stock, in tissues. Wow, these middles three books will do a number on you! Do not read at work. Unless you can use the” have allergy card”, which I did. Kendrick just breaks your heart. It’s normally the humans but wow, you ever want to just huge an alien. And poor Roger just resigned himself to an empty bachelor life. Once again, the bothers and the aheri’s come to the rescue but not before hearts break and life choices are made. 


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