24 April 2013

Dangerous Submission, By Lori Toland

**This book contains M/M romance**

When Drake is called into the boss’s office, he was prepared for anything, or so he thought.  What he wasn’t prepared for was Robbie to walk in, and for what his next mission would involve.  Although Robbie looks the part of a submissive, can he actually pass for one when it comes to playing with the “big dogs” in the scene?
Robbie was willing to do anything for his country that even included going undercover playing Drake’s submissive.  The only problem is, Robbie isn’t sure if he can keep his true feelings to himself, how can he be able to resist Drake, when all he can think about is being his submissive?
When the undercover operation is over, will Robbie and Drake be able to go back to their lives before it happened?  Or will the submission that Robbie gave to Drake help them to have a future together?

Let me just say, WOW!!!  While reading this book, I didn’t want to put it down.  It got to the point where I told everyone to leave me alone so I could finish it!  With Lori’s writing ability, she was able to show a side of BDSM that if written by some, it wouldn’t have come out as well written as it did.  She was able to use what some consider a darker side of BDSM and write about it in such a way that it showed the care and respect between the two characters.
The attention to detail that she used when describing things, even the little things like the type of whips that Drake prefers to use, to the main things like the way that Drake and Robbie look.  She brought you into the scene that she created, and she showed you the good that comes from it.  Lori was also to use emotions in such a way that when the characters were in pain, it was almost as if you could feel their pain.  When Robbie was upset and crying, all I wanted to do was to be able to comfort him!  To me that shows she has a great writing ability.
I did enjoy that even though this book was not about Agent’s Bradley and Terranova, she still brought them back into the book for a minor role.  I really do like it when author’s do that because it shows to the reader that they hadn’t forgotten about the characters they have created in the past.  The Serious Organized Crime Agency, has already had one book out and I can’t wait to see if Lori has more in store for us!

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