10 April 2014

Teach Me Something New Part 1 By Summer Olsen

 Short story light BDSM erotica: Approx. 13,000 words

Lucy Montgomery has never met a line she wouldn't cross.

Raised by activist parents, Lucy grew up challenging authority. Now 22, her wild behavior has nearly gotten her kicked out of college more than once. But she's determined to earn her Master's degree in Business and prove she can be practical, no matter how little it interests her.

She's never known a man like him.

But Lucy has a passion for books and can't resist the chance to audit sexy, single Professor Ryan Sherwood's popular literature course. And when the Professor reprimands her on the first day of class, she discovers she can't resist his authoritarian allure either.

Aroused by the hint of steel in Professor Sherwood's eyes, the subtle command in his voice, and the fetish magazines hidden in his desk, Lucy embarks on an exercise in her deepest, darkest desires with the masterful Professor as her willing teacher.

Teach Me Something New contains elements of BDSM including spanking.

For a 46 page book, it is so well developed and structured it felt like a real story in just a few pages.  Lucy just leaped off the page as the strong willed, determined college student at the beginning of the story that I was literally shocked to see her transformation by the end of the book.  Professor Sherwood was so detailed I could seriously feel myself melt with his words. 

This book one in the series gives us the back ground of these two characters and the discovery that not only is he into spankings and being in control, she finds she is more than interested in what the Professor has to offer.  When he is trying her out to see how dedicated she is to this, we see him take small steps by making demands on Lucy to prove if she is really a good candidate for this life style. 

Of course Lucy is so over the top about him she was filling his requests and takes the punishments he dished out.  As I said this book is NOT just a scene, it goes over a few days and is really the foundation for this relationship to start.  I look forward to reading the next book in this series.  Short book series like this, which feel like a continuous soap opera are fast becoming some of my favorite types of series.  The excitement of going to the next book to see what happens next only seems to increase with each book in the series.  
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CNVVJ68/ref=as_li_ss_il?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00CNVVJ68&linkCode=as2&tag=crysmanrev-20    http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/teach-me-something-new-part-1-summer-olsen/1117447207?ean=2940045432795&itm=1&usri=teach+me+something+new


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