19 October 2014

Bits and Pieces: Tales and Sonnets by Jas T. Ward

 After demands of thousands of fans in various social medias, author Jas T. Ward releases Bits and Pieces: Tales and Sonnets (Volume 1) due to popular demand.

A collection of poems, short stories woven with laughter, tears, horror and suspense, the author has finally granted what the fans have wanted for years. Known for twists and darkness, as well as humor, this collection will not let old or new fans down. There is something to delight them both.

Also included- A BONUS:

A Prelude to the author's upcoming series- The Shadow-Keepers Series. Included is the novella that kicks off Book One in the Series: Sweet Madness, which is the story of wildly popular character, Reno Sundown.

Bits and Pieces, as demanded by Twiz.

This book is a bit confusing to review for me personally because it is 2 completely different books put together.  We are given an insight into the mind of Ms. Ward with the first half of the book, and then with the second half, we are given more about the beginning of her Shadow-Keepers series. 

First, I did really enjoy the Bits & Pieces part of the book.  I completely loved that Ms. Ward let down her walls and we were able to learn more about her as a person, and not just the author behind the story.  This part of the story was very well written; it brought forth emotions that I wasn’t aware that I was going to experience while reading it.  While these were shorts for the most part, as well as poems and others like that, I actually didn’t feel as though we were missing anything from any of it.  It was all just insanely well done I couldn’t get enough of it.

Second, we have the pre-story for the Shadow-Keepers series story.  That was really insightful because I have read the first book in the series, Madness.  If you hadn’t read that book then the pre-story will definitely peak your interest about that series. 

The only thing that I personally didn’t enjoy, was that the two stories were put together in the 1 book.  I felt like if they would have been separate, they would have been more powerful.  After reading the Bits & Pieces part, and then going to the pre-story, I felt like my emotions were in a complete whirlwind.  But even with that, I did still enjoy both parts of the book and I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Ward in the future.


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