22 October 2014

His Forever Summer Release Day!

Carla Methon has tread on a lot of toes, men’s and women’s alike. But no one could be more dissatisfied with Carla than the lady herself. With a compunction to throw herself at every man within a three mile radius and a serious case of foot in mouth disease, Carla knows she is in desperate need of being taken in hand before she does any more damage to her reputation. 

Kieran O’Brien needs to escape a broken relationship and he invites himself to spend a summer with his brother in Corbin’s Bend. But Kieran is a totally unsuspecting vanilla with no idea of the ethos of the community he is about to enter. 

The pair strike up an unlikely friendship of vanilla and spice, with one stipulation – it is only a summer fling. By the time Kieran boards his flight to return to Ireland he wishes his summer could last forever. Can he find the courage, not only to admit the extent of his feelings, but to take on the role Carla so desperately needs him to be? 

For an author to write a book where one of the main character’s has been a strongly hated character in prior books, that takes some massive guts!  When I started reading this book and realized that it was about Carla, I was totally disappointed! I didn’t want her to have her story yet; I was perfectly happy remaining upset with her for a few more seasons of Corbin’s Bend.

But also for an author to write a book about a character that people have such strong feelings for, and make the reader fall in love with the character come the end of the story?  That takes massive skill.  And thankfully, Ms. Finnegan has those skills because the story she wove about Carla was one that caught me off guard with the emotions that I was feeling towards her.

Ms. Finnegan did an amazing job with this story because the characters were both extremely headstrong, yet they were both such fun to read.  To get to see another side of Carla that hasn’t been shown in the past, was great fun.  I really enjoyed how with Kieran’s character, you could tell he was uncomfortable with what was happening, but he was willing to put that aside to help his friend.

This story was fun to read because we got to see more about Carla, and we got to spend time with Kieran as well.  Watching the relationship slowly bloom between the two of them was extremely fun because you couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen next.
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Carla looked at her reflection in disgust as she combed her wet hair. She’d gained so much weight since her accident, the whiplash preventing strenuous exercise. She’d been free of the collar for months and she still couldn’t seem to get back down to her pre accident weight of one hundred and twenty five pounds. She hated her shape. Her chest was still as flat as a pancake, the after effects of years as a professional athlete. Every spare pound she gained seemed to settle on her hips and butt. It was bad enough being so tall, at five foot nine, she was as tall as many of the men she knew. She pulled the towel she was wrapped in around her tighter, as if trying squeeze the excess flab upwards. Why couldn’t she look more like Ange, she lamented. Small and pixie-like and so very feminine.

Thinking of Ange reminded her that she had to pick up some blueprints from Jim’s to bring to her father that evening. Another source of discontent! Jim was a great guy, and Ange was the best, but working so closely with him just served as a daily reminder of what an ass she had made of herself with her obsession with him. Ange and Jim’s graciousness only made her feel guiltier. It would be better if they treated her with the contempt she knew she deserved. And not satisfied with that, she had to move on and make an idiot of herself over the local doctor, Marcus, too. No more. Enough was enough, Carla was keeping away from men, especially men in Corbin’s Bend. She knew well the women laughed at her desperation.She’d laugh herself if it wasn’t so damn mortifying. She knew leaving Corbin’s Bend would be the smartest move, but she loved it there. Even being on the fringe of the community was better than not being part of it at all. No, Carla didn’t like the reflection that was looking back at her, inside or out.

She shook her damp auburn head. Time was pressing on and no one knew better than she how a fraction of a second could change one’s life. Two tenths of a second to be precise.With renewed vigour, she finished drying her hair, tugging fiercely at her scalp as if that could speed up the process. It was no good feeling sorry for herself, dwelling on what if’s and past disappointments. She put on makeup and forced a smile she didn’t feel on to her face.She was going to be running around all day, so she pulled on a pair of jeans and matched it with a baggy, light floral blouse that hid her hips as a nod to femininity.

When she got to Jim’s house, she could hear the TV. Dammit she had forgotten that Kieran was arriving. She should have picked up the blueprints last night like she was supposed to, but she just wasn’t in the mood for being sociable. Well, she’d pay for it now she realized with a sigh as she rang the bell rather than using the house key.

A tall, lean, unshaven man opened the door wearing only a pair of cut-off jeans. He smiled lazily, sweeping the door wide, totally unperturbed that she had caught him half naked.

“The lovely Carla, I presume?” Carla felt her face heat. Was he laughing at her? What had Jim told him about her? Or maybe he was one of these Irish rogues she had heard about, flattering a woman into the sack. Well, he could save it; no way was she bedding Jim O’Brien’s brother. Even if he was gorgeous…and muscular…and had molten chocolate eyes. Not even the cleft in his chin was going to tempt her. Or the dimples in his cheeks. Or indeed the twinkle in his eye. No! Stop it! Especially not the twinkle in his eye, she mentally scolded, you know a twinkle is not good news.

“I’m here to pick up some blueprints,” she said, quite abruptly. “They’re in the office apparently.”

“Ah, that would be my bedroom now,” he said, eyes dancing with mischief. Carla

gave a flustered reply, and headed toward the office. It smelled of man and beer. Definitely one to watch: drinks too much and enjoys flirting, she decided.

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